Flight Training in the RV-12

March 17, 2015

Want to get some time in the RV-12? Trying to figure out what the RV-Grin is all about? Looking for a place to get ...

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RV-12 Pilot Report Video

February 26, 2015

Take a ride in the RV-12 with Chris Thelan and Dan Johnson as they review the factory built RV-12 S-LSA in a recent video ...

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Garmin G3X Touch – Now Available

January 12, 2015

Today, Van’s Aircraft and Garmin are excited to announce the availability of G3X Touch in the Van’s RV-12. The G3X Touch system seamlessly blends ...

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“With the RV-12, Van’s Aircraft created a light-sport aircraft that hit a sweet spot in the market while earning high marks from owners/builders.” – Flying Magazine
“In a market where most LSAs are slow sellers, Van’s hit the mark with the RV-12, delivering a model true to the company’s kit-built DNA while bridging the gap between the home-built and certified world.” – Flying Magazine
“The control response is light, nimble, solid, fighter plane-ish, and so natural and balanced, you feel like you've flown this bird all your life.” – Plane & Pilot Magazine
“The RV-12 may be the most good-natured, docile, yet sporty LSA I've flown yet. It feels both sweet and a little sassy.” – Plane & Pilot Magazine
“Do yourself a favor: If a low-wing, all-metal funship with wonderful handling and a good cruise are on your bucket list, don't fail to check out the Van's RV-12.” – Plane & Pilot Magazine
“The new RV-12 is truly a breakthrough airplane, and it will change the way you think about Van's Aircraft. This factory-built Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is ready to fly, with no assembly required. So even if you've never touched a wrench, you can own one of these amazing airplanes.” – Sportys.com