RV-12 honored as Best New LSA

RV-12 honored as Best New LSA

It’s been a great year at Van’s, with the RV-12 announced as Aviation Consumer’s Best New LSA and earning Flying Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award.

Aviation Consumer magazine takes pride in providing rigorous, unbiased reviews of aviation products, so were very pleased to be nominated BEST NEW LSA in their product of the year review. The magazine’s staff flew the RV-12 at Sebring and published a detailed report that concluded: “Based on price, performance, fit, finish and Van’s long-standing reputation for excellent product support, we think the RV-12 represents one of the better deals in the current LSA market.”  Read the whole review (paid subscription required).

Each year FLYING magazine gives a coveted “Editors’ Choice” award to just five products that define innovation in general aviation… the RV-12 has made the 2014 list! The award citation said: “Van’s hit the mark with the RV-12 delivering a model true to the company’s kit-built DNA while bridging the gap between the homebuilt and certified world.”Read the full article here.

“Do yourself a favor: If a low-wing, all-metal funship with wonderful handling and a good cruise are on your bucket list, don't fail to check out the Van's RV-12.” - Plane & Pilot Magazine
“The control response is light, nimble, solid, fighter plane-ish, and so natural and balanced, you feel like you've flown this bird all your life.” - Plane & Pilot Magazine
“With the RV-12, Van’s Aircraft created a light-sport aircraft that hit a sweet spot in the market while earning high marks from owners/builders.”
“In a market where most LSAs are slow sellers, Van’s hit the mark with the RV-12, delivering a model true to the company’s kit-built DNA while bridging the gap between the home-built and certified world.” - Flying Magazine
“The RV-12 may be the most good-natured, docile, yet sporty LSA I've flown yet. It feels both sweet and a little sassy.” - Plane & Pilot Magazine
“We think the company achieved its goal of building an LSA that offers light and responsive control feel without any bad habits that might get low-time pilots in trouble” - Aviation Consumer
“The new RV-12 is truly a breakthrough airplane, and it will change the way you think about Van's Aircraft. This factory-built Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is ready to fly, with no assembly required. So even if you've never touched a wrench, you can own one of these amazing airplanes.” -


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